Bill, Bob, and Wally outside the bus garage

CCSD Mechanics Prove a Little Ingenuity Goes a Long Way

As Chatham bus mechanics Robert Rafferty, William Cooley, and Walter Engle know, keeping our fleet of 50 school buses safe and ready to go often takes a little more than the regular maintenance they perform in our bus garage each day. If a bus experiences mechanical or other difficulties while out on the road, they respond to the scene […]

CEF Awards Over $17,000 to Learning Projects at CCSD

At its November board meeting, the Chatham Education Foundation (CEF) chose nine projects to fund in 2017-2018 Chatham school year. “It is enormously gratifying to be able to bring to the schools these interesting and worthwhile projects,” said Judy Staber, president of the CEF Board. Now in its 15th year of existence, the Foundation’s board […]

NJHS Senior Luncheon Dec. 15

Our National Junior Honor Society hosts its annual Senior Holiday Luncheon is this Friday, December 15, starting at 10:00 a.m. Includes a concert in the auditorium and lunch in the gym.

Dr. DeAngelo hands ice cream to students

Honors Ice Cream Social

Chatham Middle School held an Ice Cream Social to celebrate our students who made our Honor Roll for 1st quarter. All students on the honor or high honor list were invited to the cafeteria after school on December 6 to enjoy an ice cream sundae on us! Superintendent DeAngelo and parent volunteers Dennilu Sosa de la Fuente, Sue Geel, Amanda Pierro, and Edward […]

student writing at base of tree

Class Connects With Literature Through Nature

Just like Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye, high schoolers often need a break from the pressures that come with being adolescents and students. With this in mind, Mr. Sloman took his English 12 class out to the forested trails on campus so his students could experience the simplicity of being alone with one’s thoughts and […]

Student act out the cold wind blowing in winter

The Four Seasons

It may be only winter here in Chatham, but on the MED stage it was winter, spring, summer and fall! The third grade staged a ballet performance of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Different from a play, their ballet used music and movement, rather than words, to tell the story. Along with mastering their parts, the students developed […]

7th grade key communiators present a check to Claire Parde, executive director of Columbia County Community Health Care Consortium

Key Communicators Raise Money for Community Cancer Fund

Chatham Middle School’s key communicators raised money to support the Columbia County Community Cancer Fund. On November 27, the students presented Claire Parde, Executive Director of the Columbia County Community Health Care Consortium, with a check for $37.00, which they raised making and selling pink pins with pink pencils and candy. While at CMS, Ms. Parde gave […]

three students laugh while watching test tube bubble.

Experiment Bubbles Up Fun

CHS students taking Living Environment with Ms. Kneller have been studying enzymes this week. Students learned that enzymes only work with specific substrates within the body; similar to a lock and key in which the key only works with a certain lock, enzymes only will work with certain substances (substrates). Each enzyme is used again […]