Volunteers needed…

Calling all parents of Chatham Middle schoolers, a Parent Teacher Student Organization is forming to help out at various school functions.

After several years of not having a volunteer group at CMS we would like to start a new one.  The hope is to have a Parent, Teacher and Student group to work toward improving our school atmosphere, increasing morale and having social activities to encourage a fun and friendly school community.  Social activities could include book fairs, activity days, an Arbor Day picnic, and Saturday movie matinees. We could also participate in community events such as Winter Walk, the Chatham Centennial, and Octoberfeast. Students have expressed interest in starting a school garden, painting the halls and designing murals to be painted on the walls.

This summer Mrs. Fuss and Mrs. Wallace generously dedicated their time and energy to paint the cafeteria.  Recycling bins have been made available for bottles and cans; there is a space for compost, which can be used in the garden (once we get it started).  Their energy was contagious, and with their enthusiasm and help the concept for a PTSO for the middle school was conceived.

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