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Mrs. Rossi's and Mrs. Fleck's Classes Connect with Kentucky E-mail Pals

MED-Kentucky skyping sessionThird grade co-teachers, Mrs. Rossi and Mrs. Fleck, took it upon themselves to travel to Burna, Kentucky to visit their e-mail pals. Their classes have been e-mailing a third grade class at North Livingston Elementary School since the beginning of the school year. While visiting, the two used our school's distance learning equipment to connect their classes here at MED with the students in Kentucky. The session including introductions of the students, teachers, and even the principals. Learn more...

First Graders Explore the Five Senses with the Fifth Grade ist graders sticks her hand into mystery box

Mrs. Wrigley’s and Mrs. Rivet’s co-taught 5th grade class hosted Mrs. Riddick’s 1st grade class on October 31st. The fifth graders set up ‘sensory stations’ around their classroom to teach their young visitors about the five senses. Each fifth grader paired up with a first grade buddy and went through the stations together- there were reading/listening, tasting/smelling, and coloring stations, along with a ‘mystery box’ station where the students stuck their hands inside and then had to describe what they felt (it was Halloween, so there was some pretty slimy stuff in there). More photos...

Students Dig In To Pumpkin Science

Students delve into pumpkinsIt was pumpkin guts galore at the fourth grade's Pumpkin Science Investigation on October 31st. In the cafeteria, they weighed their pumpkins, measured the circumference of each, and tested the pumpkins' density by floating them in water. Then, with help from their teachers, the pumpkins were halved and students dug into to take note of what they saw, felt and smelled in the squishy guts. They counted and measured the seeds and later compared their data to see what similarities and differences existed between all the pumpkins they dissected.

Halloween ParadeMED Halloween Parade

One of MED's most popular traditions is the Halloween Parade. To wrap up the school day on October 31st, students paraded out to the track and around the back of the school building to show off their costumes and Halloween spirit. Hundreds of parents, family members, and staff were out to watch them go by.
View more photos here...

Día de Los Muertos

bobbing for applescutting paperOn October 30, students learning English as a Second Language with Mrs. Saso stayed after school to celebrate Día de Los Muertos, a significant holiday in Latin America. The students made papel picado (cut paper), pan de muertos (bread of the dead), bobbed for apples, and decorated pumpkins. It was a fun event to celebrate an important holiday honoring loved ones who have passed away. The holiday is traditionally celebrated on November 1 and 2, and is derived from the combination of an Aztec celebration and celebrations of All Saints Day and All Souls’ Day.

Mrs. RiddickMED Teacher Named WTEN's Teacher of the Week

Congratulations to first grade teacher Erika Riddick, who was just named News 10 ABC’s Teacher of the Week! Mrs. Riddick received the most nominations of any teacher in the Capital Region th e week of Octber 20 and she was recognized on the News 10 (WTEN) 5:30 evening news on October 28. Mrs. Riddick has been teaching at the Mary E. Dardess Elementary School since 2006. View WTEN Teacher of the Week webpage...

Precautionary EV-D68 Information for Parents/Guardians

The New York State Department of Health is advising parents and health care providers to be aware of the signs and symptoms of enterovirus EV-D68, a serious respiratory illness which has been confirmed in children in New York State. The Health Department has recommended that schools advise parents about the signs of enterovirus EV-D68 as a precaution. Learn more...

Walmart Gives MED Teachers $1000 for School Supplies

Walmart in Hudson has selected the Mary E. Dardess Elementary School as the local recipient of the Walmart/Sam’s Club Teacher Rewards Program. Walmart provided our school with twenty $50.00 reward cards for our teachers to purchase school supplies with, a total of $1,000, and we distributed the cards to teachers across all our grade levels. Nationally, Walmart and Sam’s Club locations are awarding more than 100,000 educators with $50.00 rewards cards, infusing schools across America with $5 million. Thanks for supporting Chatham’s teachers Walmart!

Fire Safety Day

fire fighters talk with studentsOctober 17th was fire safety day at MED, a student favorite. Volunteer firefighters from communities all over our school district brought their trucks, ladders, hoses and other firefighting equipment to the school to show the students. These men and women volunteers talked about what firefighters do, how students can stay safe during a fire, and even dressed up Mrs. Morris, our our assistant principal, in their gear. Learn more...

Office Music

Trio playing in MED officeFifth graders Gabriel Rippel (cello) and Julian San Diego (viola) joined MED orchestra teacher Cynthia Ogulnick for an impromptu concert in the school's main office. The trio delighted the office staff with their rendition of "Lightly Row." This and other pop-up performances planned around MED give students a chance to show off the skills they have developed since picking up instruments only a short time ago. Fifth graders like Gabe and Julian began playing the strings in December as fourth graders.

MED Morning Announcement Team

Morning announcement teamMeet the new voice of MED’s morning announcements! Fifth graders Katherine Marotta, Amanda Roberts, Tobias Jeralds, Lauren Bruck, Giovanna Allen, Anna Carroll, Skylar Rowe, Fiona Phelps, Katie Everett, Abigail Taylor, and Gabrielle Fisher will be reading our morning announcements and leading our school in the Pledge of Allegiance. Their program also includes weather, birthday announcements, what the cafeteria is serving up, and entertainment they develop themselves. Learn more...

District Launches "Parent Portal"

Parents of CCSD students can now track their child's progress at school online using our new Parent Portal, an Internet based program accessible through our District's website. The Parent Portal allows our parents to electronically access certain educational records about their student, including schedules, grades, attendance, and discipline. In order to access the portal, parents will need to sign up for an individualized account through their child's school using the form provided below. To learn more, please read the following information sent home September 10th.

Letter to Parents Introducing Parent Portal
Parent Portal Access Form



PTA Fall Book Fair Online 'Til Nov. 24

You can still access the Book Fair Online anytime through November 24


Thanksgiving Recess
Nov. 26-28

There will be no school Wednesday, November 26 through Friday, November 28. Enjoy the holiday!


Lockdown Drill Planned for December

CCSD will be conducting a lockdown drill in all buildings this December - the exact time and date will not be announced. The drill will be conducted by law enforcement officers and District staff, and is expected to take under an hour. All exterior doors will be locked and no one will be permitted to enter or leave the building. Office staff will also participate in the drill, so phones may not be answered as quickly as usual while the drill is underway. Learn more...


Mrs. Reno Roundup

Mrs. Reno's Writing Round-up

View Mrs. Reno's November writing questions for grades 2-5 here...



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