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Pre-payment of School Taxes for Federal Tax Purposes

Please note that the Chatham Central School District cannot accommodate pre-payment of school taxes for federal tax purposes. Payment of 2017-18 school taxes was due in October. Per NYS law, our district cannot provide property tax bills for the 2018-19 school year until after the school budget has been adopted (budget vote is May 15, 2018) and the subsequent tax warrant has been issued. While Governor Cuomo’s recent Executive Order No. 172 gives counties and towns the ability to collect their 2018 property tax payments by the end of 2017, it does not authorize school districts like ours to collect 2018-19 school taxes.

View Your Tax Information Online

Property owners may access their tax information and pay their tax bill through Info Tax Online
(Please allow seven business days after date of payment for paid status to appear online.)


2017-18 Tax Notice

Legal Notice of 2017-18 Tax Collection


2017-18 Tax Collection Period

School property tax bills are mailed out in late August. Tax bills may be paid, without penalty, during the period September 1 through October 2, 2017. All taxes paid or postmarked on or after October 3, 2017 shall bear an interest charge of two percent (2%) until October 31, 2017. No tax payments will be accepted or processed by the school tax collector postmarked after October 31, 2017. All taxes remaining unpaid after October 31 shall be returned to The County Treasurer of Columbia County for further collection.


Payment of Taxes

Online: Taxpayers may pay tax bills online at Info Tax Online. Simply enter your information into Info Tax Online and click “search.” Once you have brought up your tax information, the “Pay Balance” tab appears near the bottom left of the screen. (Convenience fees will apply to all online payments.)

By Mail: The school district will also accept payments by mail so long as the payment is in the exact amount due and made payable to “CCSD Tax Collector.” Payment mailing address: The Bank of Greene County, PO Box 358, Ghent NY 12075. You must include the original tax bill with your payment. No partial payments will be accepted.

In Person: Payment of school taxes may also be made in person to the Chatham Central School District Tax Collector at The Bank of Greene County, 2631 Rt. 66 in Ghent (lobby only), during the following hours: Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday 9am-6pm, and Saturday 9am-1pm. You must bring your tax bill with you!


STAR (School Tax Relief) Exemption/Credit

Basic STAR exemption: Most residents who own and live in their home are eligible for the NYS Basic STAR property tax exemption on their primary residence. Basic STAR works by exempting the first $30,000 of the full value of a home from school taxes.

Enhanced STAR exemption: Available for senior citizens (age 65 and older) with yearly household incomes not exceeding the statewide standard. For these qualifying persons, an additional percentage of the full value of their primary residence is exempted from school taxes.

Important Changes to STAR Exemption Program: New applicants who qualify for STAR must register with New York State instead of applying with their assessor. You will receive a credit in the form of a check, rather than receiving a property tax exemption. The dollar value of the credit will be the same as the property tax exemption. You can register online at the website. or by phone at (518) 457-2036. These changes do not affect homeowners who registered for the STAR exemption prior to the 2015 deadline. To learn more, visit

STAR Rebate

In 2015, NYS created a new STAR Rebate for the years 2016 through 2019, which replaced the Property Tax Freeze Credit offered by the State in 2014 and 2015. The STAR Rebate applies to homeowners who are receiving the STAR Exemption and who live in school districts that pass budgets at or below the tax levy cap. In 2016, the rebate was a $185 credit for eligible homeowners earning $200,000 or less. For the years 2017 through 2019, the rebate will equal the STAR tax savings multiplied by a percentage determined by the taxpayer’s income, with eligible annual income capped at $275,000. The state will mail rebate checks to residents in the fall. Because Chatham CSD budget for this year was at or below the tax cap, district homeowners are eligible for this credit. 

Additional Exemptions

The Chatham Board of Education discounts school taxes for the District’s senior citizen low-income homeowners, certain persons with disabilities, and certain members of our volunteer Fire/EMS services at the highest rate allowable by NYS Real Property Tax Law. The law gives school districts, at their own discretion, the option to grant these exemptions. Eligible Chatham CSD property owners should apply for these exemptions each year through their town assessor’s office.

Senior Citizen Exemption: The District grants a reduction in the amount of property taxes paid on a primary residence by qualifying senior citizens, who must be 65 years of age or older and meet certain income limitations (see sliding scale) and other requirements under Section 467 of the Real Property Tax Law. Learn more

Limited Income Disability Exemption: The District grants a reduction in the amount of property taxes paid on a primary residence by qualifying persons with disabilities. To qualify, persons must have documented evidence of their disability and meet certain income limitations (see sliding scale) and other requirements under Section 459-c of the Real Property Tax Law. Learn more

Volunteer Fire/EMS Exemption: The District grants an exemption in the amount of 10% of the assessed value (not exceeding $3,000 multiplied by the latest State Equalization Rate) for a primary residence owned by an enrolled member of an incorporated volunteer fire company, fire department or incorporated volunteer ambulance service as authorized by Section 466-d of the Real Property Tax Law.

Alternative Veterans’ Exemption and Gold Star Exemption: The District also grants a reduction in the amount of property taxes paid on a primary residence by qualifying veterans in the form of the basic level Alternative Veterans’ Exemption. In order to be eligible, veterans must have served during specifically identified conflicts. The District also extends this exemption to Gold Star parents, which exempts the parents of a service member killed in action from a portion of the property taxes on their primary residence. Eligible residents must apply with their Town Assessor (submit a copy of your DD-214 with the application) in order to receive this benefit. To learn more about the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption, please visit


Town Assessors

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The Columbia County Real Property Tax Services website offers links concerning Columbia County, NY properties, including STAR & other exemptions, tax assessors, tax collectors, tax rates, tax assessments, tax sales data, tax maps, etc.

Columbia County Treasurer:
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