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Dr. Cheryl Nuciforo, Superintendent


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Name Position Ext. Email
Alliger, Jessica MED Pre-kindergarten 3059
Amos, Irmentrud M/S Grade 6 2028
Andersen, Alicia H/S Spanish 1042
Artist, Jeffery H/S English 1025
Ashley, Derrick MED Cleaner 3005  
Avens, Cheryl M/S Food Service 2082  
Baccaro, Nick M/S Head Custodian 2032
Baeckmann, Marie M/S T. Assistant 2110
Baldauf, Karin M/S Grade 6 2031
Baldwin, Leigh MED Senior Food Service Helper 3202  
Barone, Carolyn M/S Math - Grade 7 2039
Barth, Nancy MED Art 3051
Baskiewicz, Sara MED Kindergarten 3016
Belline, Kristin H/S Cleaner 1007  
Berlt-Williams, Diane Bus Dispatcher 4060
Blair, Anita M/S T. Aide 2044
Botsford, Kevin MED Language Concepts K-2 3024
Boughton, Harold HS Cleaner 1007  
Boykin, Richard CMS Special Education 2037
Bradley, Trisha MED Counselor 3015
Brantley, John HS PE&Health/MS PE/Athletic Director 1045
Brooks, Rebecca MED T. Assistant 3016
Brownell, Abigail MED Vocal Music 3046
Burnell, Ruth Anne H/S T. Assistant 1013
Burns, Michael MED Assistant Principal 3036
Burrows, Michael Maint. Worker 4034
Busa, Diane H/S Resource Room 1013
Caldwell, Shawn H/S Technology/PLTW 1015
Carroll, Amanda H/S Guidance 1082
Cassidy, Loretta H/S Guid. Sr. Typist 1080
Charbonneau, Adam District Communications 4045
Chiappinelli, Christine MED Grade K-2 AST 3025
Chittenden, Jill H/S Math 1029
Christensen, Lucas Instructional Support Services 4053
Chudy, Michael Business Administrator 4030
Colwell, Linda MED Physical Education 3007
Conley, Elizabeth H/S Spanish 1041
Connelly, Mark M/S Dean of Students 2001
Connelly, Meghan H/S English 1027
Cook, Peter H/S Social Studies 1020
Cooley, William Bus Mechanic 4063  
Cowherd, Tyler M/S Technology 2021
Crosby, Anita MED T. Assistant 3022
Curtis, Katharine H/S Math 1031
D'Amico, Christina MED Speech Therapist 3010
Debye-Saxinger, Michele M/S English – Gr. 7 2040
Decker, Jessica H/S Math 1012
DeJoy, Megan M/S Science 2038
DeLisle, Julie Public Library Director 392-6512
Depew, Maureen H/S  T. Aide Attendance 1005
Diaz, Rich Questar III Internal Claims Auditor 4010  
DiIorio, Jennfer H/S Math 1030
Diskin, Wendy H/S Resource Room 1014
Dodge, Colleen H/S Secretary 1003
Donovan, Chelsea H/S English 1028
Doyle, Nancy M/S ISS T. Assistant 2012
Eager, Donna HS/MS Librarian 1008
Eiser, Bradley M/S Band 2073
Elbert, Dawn H/S T. Assistant 1014
Engel, Carrie MED Language Concepts Gr. 1-3 3022
Engel, Lisa H/S T. Aide 1105
Engel, Walter Bus Mechanic 4062  
Ewers, Janet MED Grade 2 3021
Fabiano, Mary-Noelle MED Nurse 3004
Fahey, Christine MS Library/Enrichment 2019
Farrell, Margaret MED Permanent Daily Sub
Faulkner, Donald MED Custodian 3005  
Feller, Heather MED Grade 4 3048
Felton, Giles Network Syst. Engineer 4041
Fiero, Barbara M/S Senior Food Service 2082
Fiero, Holly H/S T. Assistant 1017
Fink, Donna Physical Therapy 3037
Fischer, Sandra H/S Science 1038
Fisher, Lynn M/S Phys. Ed. 2042
Flanagan, Ann Admin. Assistant - Supt Office 4002
Flanagan, James H/S Math/Computer 1010
Fleck, Kalyn MED Grade 3 AST 3025
Forrest, Justin H/S Science 1035
Foster, Laurie H/S Phys. Ed. 1049
Freiermuth, Trisha Network Systems Engineer 4044
French, Denise MED T. Aide 3053
Fuller, Tracey M/S Math - Gr. 7/8 2030
Fuss, Barbara M/S T. Assistant 2047
Gauthier, Cheryl MED T. Assistant 3050
Gilligan, Karen H/S T. Assistant 1023
Goodwin, Patricia MED T. Assistant 3044
Griggs, Michael H/S Social Studies 1036
Grill, Laura MED Grade 5 3038
Haertel, James H/S Band 1046
Haley, Michele Secretary I - Enrollment/ 504 4051
Hanson, Natalie                 MED T. Assistant (P-K) 3059
Harrigan, Judith HS/MS Art 1033
Hayes, Maria HS/MS FACS 1016
Headstart - Katie Clark Headstart 3055
Helmrath, Peter Maint. Worker 4030
Helpdesk Helpdesk 4040
Herron, Cynthia M/S Dean of Students 2001
Hetterich, Cecilia M/S English – Gr. 8 2048
Hoffman, Jacqueline M/S Guidance 2005
Hoffman, Judson MED/MS Band 3045
Hogan, Melanie M/S TA AIS 2001
Hogencamp, Maria MED Grade 5 3042
Horton, Erica MED T. Assistant 3018
Hotaling, Joan CHS Food Service Helper 1060  
Howard, Teri Sr. Typist - Payroll 4005
Hughes, Teresa Head Bus Driver/Trainer 4068
Jackson, Laurie MED T. Assistant 3019
Juliano, Patricia Treasurer 4006
Justiniano, Antonio H/S Custodian 1007  
Kahn, Jason M/S Science – Gr. 8 2046
Kaninenberg, Corey MS/MED Cleaner 3005  
Keegan, Ashley H/S Social Studies 1019
Keller, Roberta M/S Math AIS 2045
Kelly, Alma Central Copy/Central Receiving 4046
Kelly, Tracy H/S Social Worker 1083
King, Beth Secretary - Special Ed. Office 4052
Kneller, Brooke H/S Science 1036
Kole, Jeffery MED Grade 5 Long-Term Sub 3050
Kozel, Rich Questar III IT Support 4043
Kraham, Brooke M/S T. Aide 2029
Kral, Lauren MED Kindergarten 3019
Kramer, Laurie Speech Therapist
Kullman, Michael H/S Special Ed. 1017
Lackmann, Sarah MED Food Service Helper 3202  
Ladd, Kathelyn (Kachie) M/S Grade 6 2033
Laguesse, Dawn H/S T. Assistant 1008
Lanphear, Patricia M/S T. Assistant 2120
Lashway, Dennis Maint. Mechanic 4030
Laudenschlager, Jeffrey M/S LT Sub Social Studies 2049
Layton, Debi HS/Athletics Secretary 1004
Layton, Kimberly MED Secretary 3001
Lillie, Patricia MED T. Assistant 3024
Lineberry, Stephanie MED Grade 4 3044
Lombardi, James H/S Guidance 1081
Lombardi, Keara MS/HS Health 2051
Loomis, Michael H/S Business Teacher 1032
Lossow, Anita MED T. Assistant 3021
Luttinger, Farrell "Jake" HS/MS French/Spanish 2051
Lutz, Susan MED T. Assistant 3022
Lynch, J. Kate MED Grade 3 3023
Mabb, Katharine MED Grade 4 Short-term Sub
Mackowski, Kristine M/S Grade 6 Co-teacher 2027
Madsen, Kelli MED T. Assistant 3039
Madsen, Wendy MED T. Assistant 3017
Maraglio, Suzanne MED Language Concepts 3-5 3039
Martino, Deborah MED T. Assistant 3039
Matthews, Judith Dist. Teacher Leader Coach 2075
McShane, Samantha HS/MS Vocal Music 2034
Mead, Timothy M/S Custodian 2032  
Metrando, Jennifer M/S T. Assistant 2022
Mickle, Michele H/S T. Assistant 1103
Milano, Rebecca MED Grade 1 3026
Miller, Courtney HS/MS Orchestra 1063
Miller, Darlene M/S Grade 6 2029
Mistretta, Brooke MED Language Concepts 3-5
Moore, Mary HS Sr. Food Service Helper 1060  
Morgan, Renee MED Counselor 3032
Morrison, Janet MED Orchestra 3045
Morse, Micaela MED Aide 3050
Mulica, Jacqueline MED Grade 3 3033
Murray, Barbara Food Service Supervisor 3200
Murray, Sara MED Grade 5 3049
Murray, Venetia Business/Buildings & Grounds Sec. 4030
Myers, Peggy MED Food Service 3202  
Myers, Sandra MED Grade 3 3031
Nieto, Steven Buildings & Grounds Supt. 4031
Nuciforo, Cheryl Superintendent 4003
O'Connell, Lynne M/S T. Assistant 2027 o'  
O'Keefe, Aimee M/S Social Worker 2007
Oleynek, Steve Supv.of Transp. 4060
O'Neill, Ann M/S Reception/Attendance Aide 2068
OT/PT OT/PT 3037  
Paladino, Melissa MED T. Aide 3024
Papandrea, Eric HS Assistant Principal 1004
Paratore, Melissa MED Reading 3056
Paratore, Patrick Questar III Health & Safety 4032
Patton, Kathleen M/S Custodian 2032  
Pearson, Mark H/S Social Studies 1026
Persons, Valerie H/S Nurse 1006
Phillips, Lauren Account Clerk/Tax Coll./Benefits 4008
Phillips, Steven Laborer 4030  
Poland, Owen H/S Soc. Studies 1022
Pottenburgh, Deborah Sr. Typist-Supt.Office/District Clerk 4003
Potter, Amy M/S Principal 2002
Powell, Jennifer M/S Spanish 2050
Pracher, Lucy MED T. Assistant 3024
Pravel, Sabrina MED Grade 1 3027
Pritchett, Kelli MED T. Assistant 3006
Pulver, Ashley M/S T. Aide
Rafferty, Robert Bus Mechanic 4062  
Ranita, Laurie MED Kindergarten 3017
Reichardt, Connie MED Grade 2 3034
Reno, Kristen MED Elementary Principal 3001
Richard, William M/S Social Studies Grade 7 2041
Riddick, Erika MED Grade 1 3030
Ristau, Lindsay MED Grade K-5 AIS Reading 3047
Robichaud, Brenda MED Grade 2 3035
Roemer, Paul MED Cleaner 3007  
Roloson, John MED Phys. Ed. 3008
Rossi, Theresa MED Grade 3 3029
Russell, Tonya H/S English 1021
Sacco, Mary MED T. Assistant 3025
Sanders, Tara T. Aid Columbia Christian Academy
Saxton, Megan MED School Psychologist 3014
Schlegel, Patricia M/S Guidance Secretary 2005
Schneider, Barbara MED T. Assistant 3025
Schrom, Holly Account Clerk 4009
Selby, Jeffrey MED Library 3006
Silverman, Stephen H/S Science 1040
Simmons, Darcy M/S Nurse 2010
Simon, Brian Dir. Special Ed. 4052
Sinclair, Anna MED AIS Math Long-Term Sub
Sitzer, Richard H/S T. Aide
Smith, Jessica M/S Special Ed L/T Sub 2027
Smith, Patricia HS/MS Reading 2057
Songayllo, Patricia H/S Science 1039
Sorros, Karen MED T. Assistant 3035
Southard, Karen Network Support Aide 4042
Souza, Karen HS/MS Psychologist 2011
Stead, Michael MED Grade 4 3043
Steltz, Scott H/S Phys. Ed. 1048
Stickles, Rodney HS Special Education 1018
Sullivan, Jodi H/S English 1023
Tamchin, Olga HS/MS/MED ENL 3020
Taylor, Edwin M/S Custodian 2032  
Thorsen, John High School Principal 1003
Thorsen, Margaret M/S Special Ed. Gr. 7 2044
Tomaso, Patrice H/S Art 1034
Toomey, Lisa District Speech 3010
Torrey, Matthew MED Head Custodian 3005
Turck, Andrea HS/MS/MED ENL 1044
Tyski, Lester Maint. Worker 4030
VanAlstyne, Elaine MED T. Aide 3009
VanNess, Jeremy District Courier 4030
Vanzo, Victoria MED Special Education Gr. 4 4031
Verenazi, Pamela M/S Secretary I 2002
Vooris, Pamela H/S Spec, Services 1003
Wagner, Kristy MED Kindergarten 3018
Wallace, Susan M/S T. Assistant 2057
Wenk, Lisa MED T. Assistant 3026
West, Mary M/S Special Ed. Gr. 8 2047
Wheeler, David H/S Head Custodian 1007
Williams, Carol H/S T. Aide 1053
Wills, Lori M/S T. Aide 2019
Witaszek, Danielle H/S T. Assistant 1017
Wolfe, Tanya H/S Food Service 1060  
Woodard, Elizabeth Speech Therapist
Wrigley, Nicole MED Grade 5 AST 3040
Zapp, Meredith MED AIS Reading - K-5 3056