students walk across the stage to receives their DARE certificates

D.A.R.E. Graduation

Ninety-three fifth graders at Mary E. Dardess Elementary School celebrated their successful completion of D.A.R.E. with a graduation ceremony held February 14. The program, taught by Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy Wendy Guntert, teaches students not only about substance abuse, but also how to make safe and responsible choices in all aspects of their lives. Congratulations […]

fourth grade band takes a bow

4th Grade Band & Orchestra Informance

Fourth grade band and orchestra hosted their first ever “informance” for parents and family members February 1st. The students played a few favorites like Hot Cross Buns and Mary Had A Little Lamb to show off what they have been learning since first picking up their instruments a few short months ago. It wouldn’t be […]

teachers placing rubber bands around a watermelon

Third Grades Explodes Melon in Name of Science

There was catastrophic watermelon failure during the third grade’s Forces and Interactions unit in science. They have been learning how most of the forces we encounter are either a push or a pull, and wanted to see what would happen if they “pushed” the watermelon in at the middle using rubber bands, causing the top […]

Deputy Tony Brahm talks to staff in the CHS auditorium

Sheriff’s Office Provides Active Assailant Training for Staff

In the afternoon of the January 15 half-day for MED and CMS, retired Investigator and current part-time Deputy with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Tony Brahm, presented a 2½ hour training for staff on how to prepare for and respond to active assailant emergencies. Staff from MED and CMS attended this training, which was based […]

Mrs. Lynch adds pennies to paper bridge while class looks on

Bridge Challenge

A bridge building challenge Mrs. Lynch’s third grade class recently undertook demonstrated that a good design can be worth its weight in gold (or in this case, copper-plated zinc)! The challenge? Build a bridge from only two sheets of paper that could hold as many pennies as possible. First, students studied different types of bridges […]

three boys playing spin the dreidel

Students Explore a World of Holiday Traditions

Second graders learned about holiday traditions that take place this time of year in countries around the world. Each of the second-grade classrooms hosted a lesson on a different country and the students rotated through each to learn about the traditions of places like Australia, Mexico, Sweden, Israel, Germany, and the Netherlands. Each lesson included […]

Puppet stage and puppets during The Firebird

“The Firebird” Takes Wing at MED

Our elementary students enjoyed “The Firebird” when The Puppet People made a visit to MED on December 17. Inspired by a Russian folktale and popular ballet, and using marionettes and other puppets, “The Firebird” told the story of a winged mythical creature that helps a peasant and a princess break an evil spell cast over […]