Notice Concerning Construction and Possible Asbestos Abatement

Dear MED Summer School parent,

The first phase of our District’s capital improvement project is underway. This project addresses infrastructure and safety needs with work taking place at both the Middle School and High School/Elementary School campuses this summer. Phase two of the project will take place next summer.

At the MED Elementary School building, there are notices posted concerning asbestos abatement. Due to the age of our buildings, there is the possibility that the project may encounter asbestos containing materials. Please be assured this will not pose a threat to any occupants of the building. In the event there is a need for asbestos abatement, it will follow all federal and state safety regulations governing asbestos projects.

While the project is underway, there will be workers and heavy equipment operating in and around our schools. Areas of our campuses will be closed to the public at times, including our track, tennis courts, and certain parking areas. While all safety precautions will be in place, it is important that children who visit our campus after hours be supervised by a parent or other responsible adult at all times.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. As always, please do not hesitate to contact the MED main office with any questions or concerns.


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