Penny War Fundraiser This January

1,2,3,4 – CMS declares a Penny War!!

We are starting a friendly grade-level competition for penny points, it’s so much fun!  The goal of a Penny War is for each grade to collect as many PENNIES as possible in their jar AND put as many NON-PENNIES in the other grades’ jars.

Here’s how it works:

Each grade level is a team.  Each team needs its own labeled container or jar. Money is worth “points” based on its monetary value. But there’s another key rule in a Penny War. Pennies give your team positive points—while nickels, dimes, and quarters take points AWAY from the team’s total.

  • Pennies = +1 point
  • Nickels = -5 points
  • Dimes = -10 points
  • Quarters = -25 points

Therefore, you want to put PENNIES in YOUR TEAM’S jar (positive points). However, you want to put nickels, dimes, quarters (negative points) in the jars of OTHER TEAMS. The goal is for your team to have the most POSITIVE points by the date for the end of the fundraiser. Contest will run through the month of January. The grade with the most points will be crowned the reigning champions (prize TBD).

Money raised from this event will support the Chatham Middle School PTSO!


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